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Metro Society Band Bio

Metro Society is a progressive rock/metal project group from the mind of guitarist/songwriter Chris Mangold. Mangold teamed up with bassist Ian Ringler to collaborate on writing the music for a new project.

During the writing sessions an idea surfaced to combine the songs with a conceptual storyline based on the Paris Metro system. The duo brought in poet Chris Cree to help with converting the words of the story into lyrics for the music.

After the recording of the guitars, bass, and keys, the group took on new life when other musicians were invited to record the remaining parts. Vocalist Corey Brown (Magnitude 9, Balance of Power, Section 16) was asked to perform the vocals for the entire album and delivered a world class performance.

The project turned into a family effort as both Doug Brown, Corey's nephew, and Will Mangold, Chris' father, stepped in to record the drums tracks.

Final recording, production, and mixing took place at Royal Recordings Studio with the assistance from the extremely talented Bill Douglass

Metro Society is from Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA -- drop a line when you're in the area!!!


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